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Life Skills

August 20th, 2013

The bus drops off the boys at 4:10.  For at least an hour I kept telling Ian that we had to leave soon to meet his brothers at their bus stop.  It was barely 4:00 and I heard the door bell rang.  I panicked and sprinted to the door.  There stood two little 6 year olds grinning ear to ear waving at me through the glass.  I opened the door and asked them how they made it home.  Right away Luke tells me “we have life skills now mom!”  It’s only a few doors down, so not a big deal I wasn’t outside I guess.

We talked about their day and they went on and on.  Their favorite part by far was the bus.  Luke also informed me that he got punched in the stomach.  I asked what happened and he tells me that he was just trying to show someone where their cubby was.  Good thing he is used to being punched!  Sam then tells me about his lunch box getting thrown in the cafeteria.  He wasn’t sure why.  Tough world out there I suppose!  Overall it was a great first day and I guess you have to roll with the punches sometimes.  They were excited to get back on that bus today!


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  1. grandma Pat
    August 21st, 2013 at 09:40 | #1

    Ptl!! I just printed off your latest blog entries to show grandpa! Also, when I get old…will have some great reading material when I can’t get out of my chair. :)
    hugs, love and prayers!

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