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Soccer, Halloween, ER Visit and 10 Extra Pounds

November 7th, 2013

Our fall soccer season has ended.  Luke and Sam’s team ended with a loss of course, but their team improved so much and it definitely hasn’t set my twins back at all.  It was hard for me to see their team so outmatched every week, but there weren’t any tears and all the players had such a great attitude.   I’m pretty sure Ian wants to play again in the spring and the twins are already asking when it starts back up.  Luke and Sam definitely got Brian’s competitiveness.


This year was our first year to trick-or-treat in our own neighborhood and it was a blast.  Our neighborhood is always the place to be, which is hard for a hermit like me, but I really enjoyed this holiday.


Now on to my sweet Luke.  This guy started coughing on Sunday and right away we did a breathing treatment because I knew his asthma could turn into a problem soon.  The next morning after another treatment, he seemed ok and went to school.  He came home that afternoon and a few hours later I took him to urgent care.  He was quickly given an oral steroid and we were told to hurry and get him to Vanderbilt ER.  We even talked about taking an ambulance, so I knew it was really serious.  Brian called our neighbor and they let Sam and Ian spend the night.  Don’t know them super well, but I know they are fantastic, trustworthy people.  The boys willingly went and said some sweet prayers for Luke.

Took about 3 hours to be seen in the ER.  Such a nightmare.  Of course over that time period his O2 sats got worse.

Finally I got a doc to come listen to him and they quickly put us into a trauma room and got him started on treatments.  They did a chest xray and found pneumonia immediately.  They monitored him for several more hours then we went home in the wee hours of the morning.  We saw his pediatrician the next day and developed a more aggressive plan for his asthma.  We are going to take him back in a few days, hopefully to hear that his lungs are better.  They still sound awful, but hopefully with lots of steroids, antibiotics and round the clock breathing treatments he will be fine.   This is the second time he has had pneumonia/asthma attack this year.  He doesn’t have the kind of exercise induced asthma, but when he gets something as simple as a cold, it gets very serious for him.  The pollen here might be problematic for him too.  Samuel had pneumonia this summer, but so far he doesn’t show signs of asthma.  Their little lungs just never got developed like they should.  We will probably see a pulmonologist for both asap.

Anyway he is doing better and we are so thankful for him.  He has really been a trooper through all of it.  Thanks for your prayers for him!!


I am starting to finally feel like myself, only a much fatter version.  I know it probably doesn’t look like it in this picture, but I am putting on the pounds.  I guess third time around and being mid 30′s doesn’t help.  Might be the bags of chips I’m eating every week and the couch potato hours I’m racking up.  I really don’t like being pregnant.  Only 5 more long months to go!


I tried Pioneer Woman’s Chicken Pot Pie since it’s one of Luke’s favorite foods and OMG it was amazing.  Definitely make your own crust.  It’s so worth the mess and time I promise.  One of the best meals we’ve had this fall. Luke really hasn’t had an appetite, but he gobbled it up.  I’ve been stressed all week, which means I’ve been back in the kitchen.  Hopefully I’ll have some new recipes to share soon.

So excited for tonight’s game against OU!!  Sic Em Bears!!

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  1. grandma Pat
    November 8th, 2013 at 23:28 | #1

    What a week for you guys! Thankful for the fun Halloween time…and thankful Luke is doing better! We all are so sad when severe health problems happen in children…and very thankful when healing is taking place. Thankful you are feeling better…baby is growing! Grandpa and Grandma send hugs and prayers!

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